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CfT:Tender in lots for the supply and delivery of veterinary medicine for the Animal Welfare Unit within the EcoGozo Directorate - Tender 2

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Name of Contracting Authority:
Ministry for Gozo
Tender in lots for the supply and delivery of veterinary medicine for the Animal Welfare Unit within the EcoGozo Directorate - Tender 2
CfT CA Unique ID:
MGOZ/MPU T 11/2020
Evaluation Mechanism:
Price/Cost Effectiveness
The subject of this contract is the supply and delivery of veterinary medicine to the Animal Welfare Unit, Government Experimental Farm, Mgarr Road, Xewkija Gozo, within the ecoGozo Directorate.
Procurement Type:
2014/24/EU (Classic)
CfT Involves:
A Public Contract
CPV Codes:
33651690-Vaccines for veterinary medicine
Inclusion of e-Auctions:
NUTS codes:
Above or Below threshold:
Payment Options:
No payment for documentation
Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
21/04/2020 09:30
Deadline for dispatching invitations:
End of clarification period:
13/04/2020 12:00
Tenders Opening Date:
21/04/2020 10:00
Contract awarded in Lots:
Number Of Lots :
Lot Name(1)
Lot 1
Lot Name(2)
Lot 2
Lot Name(3)
Lot 3
Lot Name(4)
Lot 4
Lot Name(5)
Lot 5
Lot Name(6)
Lot 6
Lot Name(7)
Lot 7
Lot Name(8)
Lot 8
Lot Name(9)
Lot 9
Lot Name(10)
Lot 10
Tenders For Lots:
Maximum Number of Lots
Maximum Number of Lots:
EU funding:
Multiple tenders will be accepted
Date of Publication/Invitation:
23/03/2020 10:55
Date of Awarding:
25/06/2020 09:17

Contract Document List

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1 Clarification 1 Clarification 1 - MGOZ.MPU.T.11.2020.pdf EN
2 Clarification 2 Clarification 2 - MGOZ.MPU.T.11.2020.pdf EN
3 Clarification 3 Clarification 3 - MGOZ.MPU.T.11.2020.pdf EN
4 Clarification 4 Clarification 4 - MGOZ.MPU.T.11.2020.pdf EN
N/A Financial Bid Forms (Lots 1-10) Financial Offer Forms - Lots EN
5 Financial Bid Forms (Lots 1-10) - UPDATED Financial Offer Forms - Lots 1-10 (updated 150420).zip This set of financial bid forms has been uploaded on 15th April as per Clarification 4 and supersedes the previous financial bid forms uploaded on 23rd March. EN
N/A Forms EN
N/A Literature List List of Literature.docx EN
N/A Samples List Samples List.docx EN
N/A Technical Offer Forms (Lots 1-10) Technical Offer Forms - Lots EN