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CfT: Tender for the provision of a DLT solution for local Gozitan produce in order to enable authentication and to prove authenticity and certification that the product is locally produced (Gozitan)

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1 Clarification Note 1 Clarification1 - SPD3.2022.073.pdf
N/A Financial Bid Form Financial Bid Form - SPD3.2022.073.xlsx
N/A Forms (as applicable)
N/A Key Experts Form Key Experts form - SPD3.2022.073.docx
N/A Technical Offer Form Technical Offer Form - SPD3.2022.073.docx
N/A Tender document Tender document - SPD3.2022.073.pdf
N/A Tender Structure XML - Cycle 1 c4t_9236343_1.xml N/A
N/A Full ESPD request (National criteria) espdRequest-9236343.xml
N/A Extended ESPD request espdRequest-9236343.xml
N/A ESPD request pdf espdRequest-9236343.pdf