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New ePPS Version Deployment To: Economic Operators The Department of Contracts would like to inform you about the deployment of a new version of the ePPS to be carried out in the evening of Friday 17th February 2017. It is envisaged that there will not be any compatibility issues in relation to tenders already submitted through the present ePPS version and therefore you need not re-submit your offers using the new Tender Preparation Tool (TPT). On the other hand, if you start preparing your tender offer using the present TPT, save as draft and eventually try to submit your offer following the deployment of the new ePPS version, the offer will be rejected by the System and you will be duly notified. For your information no calls for quotations/tenders have been scheduled to close between Monday 20th February 2017 and Friday 24th February 2017. The new ePPS version implements all the provisions of the new EU Directives including improvements to purely electronic tools such as the Dynamic Purchasing System, while at the same time introducing new procedures which complement existing ones. Essentially, the new version makes it easier for EOs to submit their offer when using the online TPT through a new ‘pack and upload’ functionality. With this communication we are attaching an FAQ related to the subject matter. Everyone, and in particular new users, are encouraged to participate in one of the hands-on workshops which are regularly organised by the Department of Contracts in coordination with the Institute for Public Services. Your cooperation in respect of the above is greatly appreciated IT Unit Department of Contracts 30/01/2017 FAQ - EOs.pdf