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Launching of the Updated ePPS Tender Preparation Tool Dear Economic Operator ePPS User. The ePPS Tender Preparation Tool (TPT) is now been updated in order for it not to be browser dependent. The new ePPS version will be deployed on the live environment on Wednesday, 19/07/2017 at 18:00hrs (Malta Time). What this means is that it can now be used through any browser, even those that do not support Java, like MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. After selecting the Tender option through the Shown CfT Menu, you will be asked to Accept and Confirm all of the above. As soon as this is done, the screen refreshes to display the View Tenders page containing the launch Tender Preparation button. As soon as this button is clicked the tool is launched and you will be asked to confirm your login credentials. As soon as this is done, the TPT and the Tender Structure launch. Filling in and submission can be carried out in the same way as was done in the previous version of the TPT. Reference is being made to the attached file containing instructions on how to log in to the TPT and launch the Tender Structure using the MS Windows and the four (4) most popular browsers used on this operating system. For other browsers running on MS Windows or any other operating system the process to be followed is similar but in case of difficulty you can contact the Department’s Customer Care either via e-mail at or via telephone from Monday to Friday on +356 21220212 between 8.30am and 1.30pm. IT Unit, Department of Contracts. 21/11/2017