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CfT: Renewal of Cisco Service Contracts (Smart Nets and Meraki)

Name of Contracting Authority:
Malta Financial Services Authority
Renewal of Cisco Service Contracts (Smart Nets and Meraki)
CfT CA Unique ID:
Evaluation Mechanism:
Price/Cost Effectiveness
Renewal of Cisco Service Contracts (Smart Nets and Meraki) • Where possible, service levels of the same type should be consolidated for contracts A1.1 till A1.6 • All contracts should expire on the 31st July 2020. • 2x CISCO 4506E Switches need to be removed from contract number 93387741. • For Meraki renewals, only contracts (Support and Licenses) which were procured for 1(one) calendar year need a renewal. Such renewal is to expire on the 31st July 2020.
Procurement Type:
CPC Category:
Computer and related services
2014/24/EU (Classic)
CfT Involves:
A Public Contract
Article Number:
CPV Codes:
32424000-Network infrastructure
32412100-Telecommunications network
32412120-Intranet network
32413000-Integrated network
32410000-Local area network
32412000-Communications network
32430000-Wide area network
32427000-Network system
48821000-Network servers
48200000-Networking, Internet and intranet software package
48214000-Network operating system software package
72720000-Wide area network services
72700000-Computer network services
72710000-Local area network services
32551100-Telephone connections
50334110-Telephone network maintenance services
64215000-IP telephone services
64211100-Local telephone services
32510000-Wireless telecommunications system
48900000-Miscellaneous software package and computer systems
Inclusion of e-Auctions:
NUTS codes:
Above or Below EU Threshold:
Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
28/06/2019 12:00
Deadline for dispatching invitations:
End of clarification period:
21/06/2019 12:00
Tenders Opening Date:
28/06/2019 12:30
Contract awarded in Lots:
EU funding:
Multiple tenders will be accepted:
Contract Notice Date:
14/06/2019 13:27
Award Notice Date:
17/07/2019 14:14
Economic Operator CPV Code Lots Contract Value (null)
ICT Limited N/A EUR56,691.48
Economic Operator Winner Lots Submitted Financial Value
Computime Limited No N/A EUR75,038.00
ICT Limited Yes N/A EUR56,691.50
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