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eCERTIS eCertis is a free Online Information Reference Tool System which maps documents requested in Public Procurement Procedures, across borders in the European Union and in the European Economic Area. The system identifies, recognises and links different certificates and attestations necessary as Proof of Compliance with Procurement Criteria in an array of administrative verification (such as Tax, Social Security, Criminal Records). 19/06/2024
Department of Contracts The Department of Contracts forms part of the portfolio of the Ministry responsible for Finance. It was founded to regulate and administer Public Procurement initiatives and procedures, as laid down in the relevant legislations (S.L. 601.03, S.L. 601.05, S.L. 601.07, S.L. 601.08, S.L. 601.09 and S.L. 601.12). Its mission is to deliver an efficient and effective service to both Economic Operators and Contracting Authorities alike. The Department of Contracts’ vision is to ensure that Public Procurement is conducted Transparently and endowed with Integrity, whilst adhering also to the principles of Fairness, Equality and Non-Discrimination. 19/06/2024 is an Online Guide to Government Services. It is a bridge between the Public Service of Malta and the General Public, making Government Services more accessible since acts as a point of entry. The Agency is also accessible via Freephone 153 and email as well as via social media. 19/06/2024
European Commission: Public Procurement The Public Procurement section of the European Commission website provides information on European Public Procurement Policies, Business Opportunities and the Public Procurement Strategy. It also includes links to Procurement Documentation and other relevant Online Platforms. 19/06/2024
Department of Information The Department of Information provides the General Public with up-to-date and comprehensive information on the Government of Malta Policies, Services and Activities, as well as information on matters of Public Interest. 19/06/2024
Official Portal of the Government of Malta The Office of the Prime Minister website provides an array of Information in relation to the Maltese Islands, the Government of Malta and its Ministries as well as information on salient Services for Citizens. It also includes links to each Ministry and other important websites. 19/06/2024