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Title Description Date Uploaded Attachment
ESPD Guide ESPD Guide 17/10/2019 EO ESPD Guide.pdf
40MB ... 05/07/2018 Nextcloud-
How to use the Offline Tender Preparation Tool Please refer to the attached document. 21/07/2017 How to Download and Launch the Offline Tender Preparation Tool.pdf
What are the Minimum System Requirements? Please refer to the attached document. 20/07/2017 Minimum System Requirements for using
e-Tendering Checklist This checklist outlines all the steps that should be followed when you want to submit an e-tender. 16/07/2016 ePPS FAQ - e-Tendering Checklist 20160715.pdf
FAQ - Online Registration 20160406 FAQ - Online Registration 06/04/2016 FAQ - Online Registration 20160406.pdf
How to register for your personal e-ID and [optional] Digital Certificate Please refer to the attached document 18/03/2014 How to register for your personal e-ID and [optional] Digital Certificate.pdf
FAQ - Alerts 20131213 What are Alerts; how to configure your profile to receive them and more 16/12/2013 FAQ - Alerts 20131213.pdf
GUIDELINES FOR ECONOMIC OPERATORS TO MINIMISE TENDER BIDS’ SIZES The upload limit for an entire tender offer is 100Mb. This limit is indicated on the latest version of the tender preparation tool. In this regard, economic operators are kindly expected to limit each respective file size (PDF, Word, XL, JPG etc.) in a way which makes it appropriate for any particular case scenario. In this regard, Contracting Authorities are also being reminded to limit the request for submission of additional documentation to a minimum and to increasingly rely on self-declarations which equally bind economic operators' submission. To facilitate this process, please see the contents of the attached document which contains some tips on how to minimise file sizes. 24/09/2013 Guidelines for Economic Operators.pdf
How to download a document as a guest user Please refer to the attached file 20/06/2013 To to download tender documents as a guest user.pdf