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CfT: Supply and Delivery of Various Containers and Forklift Tipping Skips for Various Wasteserv Malta Sites (15 Lots) [CT2269/2020] (Status: Tender Submission)

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Tender submission deadline in (days/hours):
Name of Contracting Authority:
Department of Contracts
Published on behalf of:
WasteServ Malta Ltd
Supply and Delivery of Various Containers and Forklift Tipping Skips for Various Wasteserv Malta Sites (15 Lots) [CT2269/2020]
CfT CA Unique ID:
Evaluation Mechanism:
Price/Cost Effectiveness
The subject of this tender is supply, delivery, unloading and positioning of various containers and forklift tipping skips, at various WSM sites on an ‘as and when required’ basis. The tender is divided into fifteen (15) lots.
Procurement Type:
2014/24/EU (Classic)
CfT Involves:
A Public Contract
CPV Codes:
34000000-Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation
34221000-Special-purpose mobile containers
34928480-Waste and rubbish containers and bins
44613000-Large containers
44619000-Other containers
44613800-Containers for waste material
44613400-Storage containers
63111000-Container handling services
44613700-Refuse skips
Inclusion of e-Auctions:
NUTS codes:
Above or Below threshold:
Payment Options:
No payment for documentation
Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
01/09/2020 09:30
Deadline for dispatching invitations:
End of clarification period:
14/08/2020 09:30
Upload of documents within the clarifications:
Tenders Opening Date:
01/09/2020 10:00
Allow suppliers to Register for Notifications:
Contract awarded in Lots:
Number Of Lots :
Lot Name(1)
Lot 1: Roll On/Off High Open Top Containers (35m3) (CA Sites including Gozo)
Lot Name(2)
Lot 2: Roll On/Off High Open Top Containers (35m3) (SAWTP/MN/Maghtab/Gozo)
Lot Name(3)
Lot 3: Roll On/Off Medium Open Top Containers (28m3) (CA Sites)
Lot Name(4)
Lot 4: Roll On/Off Low Open Top Containers (18 m3) (SAWTP/MN)
Lot Name(5)
Lot 5: Roll On/Off Inert Low Containers (9m3) (CA Sites)
Lot Name(6)
Lot 6: Roll On/Off Loading Type Containers (14m3) (SAWTP)
Lot Name(7)
Lot 7: Roll On/Off Press Containers (32m3) (Gozo)
Lot Name(8)
Lot 8: Roll On/Off Closed Steel Top Containers (32m3) (CA Sites)
Lot Name(9)
Lot 9: Roll On/Off Dumpster Container with Lids (23m3) (CA Sites)
Lot Name(10)
Lot 10: Roll On/Off Cardboard Compactor Containers (20m3) (CA Sites)
Lot Name(11)
Lot 11: Curtain Sided Storage Containers (34m3) (CA Sites)
Lot Name(12)
Lot 12: Forklift tipping skips (0.5m3) (SAWTP, MN)
Lot Name(13)
Lot 13: Forklift tipping skips (1m3) (SAWTP, MN)
Lot Name(14)
Lot 14: Forklift tipping skips (1.5m3) (SAWTP, MN)
Lot Name(15)
Lot 15: Roll On/Off Flatbed Container (CA Sites)
Tenders For Lots:
Maximum Number of Lots
Maximum Number of Lots:
EU funding:
Multiple tenders will be accepted:
Date of Publication/Invitation:
24/07/2020 17:41
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