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Discontinuation of the Previous Version of the Tender Preparation Tool Dear EO User Already three (3) weeks have passed since the implementation of the new ePPS, which included the new Tender Preparation Tool (TPT). This new TPT is now called WebTPT since it is a web-based tool that no longer depends on third party software. The new ePPS still has available the previous TPT, where economic operators can make use of it to make submission, but it has been this Department’s recommendation from the outset that you start familiarizing yourselves and make use of the new tool. It is planned that the last day, where the previous version of the TPT remains available will be 31/03/2023. As of the 01/04/2023, only the new WebTPT will be available to make submissions with. We advise you to access the link below, to download a short clip and guide that has been prepared by this Department, which explain the use of the WebTPT: As always, it is advised that when making submissions, you do not leave it to the last minute so that we can assist as much as possible. Your cooperation and understanding will augur a smooth transition. The Department’s IT Unit will be available to assist you with any queries and / or difficulties that you may have. The Unit can be reached by email on or contact number +356 2378 1000. IT Unit Department of Contracts 06/02/2023